Sehen Sie diesen FAQ über Orange Top-Up Services. Wir haben hier alle Informationen gesammelt Sie benötigen.

unser Auflade-Service im Detail

You can send prepaid mobile credit to your friends and family. Simply enter the mobile phone number to top-up, choose the amount, enter your payment details and you’re all set!

We serve more than 100 countries from Argentina to China. Find the full list here. Countries in which an Orange operator is present appears in… orange. Note that you will benefit from special rates for those operators.

Yes, you can send top-up from any country through the Orange Top-Up website. You just need to create an account with your your mobile phone number. Note that some credit card restrictions may apply due to security measures.

Top-Up ist das Guthaben, welches Sie auf eine Handynummer laden können.

Phone number needs to belong to one of the countries we serve (find list here) and correspond to a prepaid account.

Don’t worry, in this case the service will alert you and tell you we cannot send credit to this mobile phone.

Once you enter the phone number you want to send credit to, you will be prompted to choose between different credit values. Those values depend on the mobile operator attached to the phone number you’re sending credit to.

Yes, the following limits apply :

1. Sender limitations

For number of recharge :

  • by day : 10
  • by month : 24


For amount of recharge :

  • by day : 90 EUR
  • by month : 240 EUR


2. Recipient number limitations :

For number of recharge :

  • by day : 3
  • by week : 5
  • by month : 10


3.For Orange affiliates in Africa, amount limitations set on the recipient phone by the recipient mobile operator :

For amount of recharge :

  • by day : 30 EUR
  • by month : 60 EUR


Please note that we will monitor each transaction closely and might need to suspend your account if we detect fraudulent usage.

Next to each amount, you will find a help area. If you click on it you will be explained the exact value your contact will receive in his/her local currency

you will receive an email. The recipient will receive an SMS detailing : the amount credited to his/her account in local currency, your mobile phone number as sender, as well as a personal message if entered after confirmation of payment (30 characters maximum)

In this case, first make sure you sent credit to the correct phone number. If you are sure, please contact our customer service

Der Empfänger erhält eine SMS unter Angabe von: dem seinem/ihrem Konto gutgeschriebenen Betrag in lokaler Währung, Ihrer Handynummer als Sender sowie einer persönlichen Nachricht, falls diese nach der Zahlungsbestätigung eingegeben wurde (maximal 30 Zeichen).

The credit is sent right away to your recipient. S/he will receive a confirmation SMS.

Unfortunately, the credit is sent right away to the mobile phone number you provided, and therefore a completed transaction may not be cancelled. This is why we show you several times during the top-up process the phone number you’re sending to, in order for you to double-check. Therefore, our policy in this case is to not reimburse the transaction.

Yes you have to create an account. This is for security reasons to prevent frauds.

You will need to provide basic information: your country, your mobile phone number (note you will receive a confirmation code on your mobile to finalize subscription so make sure to provide the right info), your email as well as a password to access the service again.

You need to provide this information so that we can prevent fraud, contact you on your mobile and email, and display your mobile phone number to your recipient once the transaction has been approved.

You are receiving a confirmation code so that we can make sure this is your mobile phone number and prevent fraud.

You will need to provide the mobile phone number you gave at subscription as well as your password (which is the confirmation code if you have not changed it yet).

Yes : each time you wish to send credit, you will need to log in to your account. This is meant for security purposes. This will enable you to facilitate your transaction in case you stored contacts and/or credit card information.

Pay attention, if you change your phone number, all your account’s data will be lost and you will have to register once again to create a new account.

Klicken Sie auf den Link Passwort vergessen link when logging in to the service. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

Yes you can delete your account by clicking on the ‘delete my account’ button in your account area. Please note however that you will need to create an account again if you want to send top-up again in the future through our service.

No you can’t delete your transaction history unless you delete your account.

Sie können per Kreditkarte (Visa/Mastercard) zahlen.

You will receive a confirmation on the web interface, on your mobile. The recipient will also receive a confirmation on his mobile phone

Yes you can store this information in your account. You will be offered this option during the payment process. You can also go on your account, click on ‘update’ in ‘my payment details’ and then click on ‘add a credit card’

There are several explanations most probably due to our anti-fraud system. In this case, you can contact our customer service.

We support Euros only. Which means you will have to pay in euros, and if this is not your usual currency, exchange charges ay apply (please verify with your credit card company).

You will keep those on our servers located in the Unites States and we commit to the Safe Harbors rules. One of those rules is to not share your information with any third parties without your consent.

yes you can delete your information at any moment by deleting your account. Please note however that you will need to create an account again if you want to send top-up again in the future through our service.

Yes, we keep transaction records, available under ‘my orders’ in ‘my account’ section, and easily accessible to top-up again should you wish to. We also store the name you provided alongside the phone number if you have chosen to store contacts. However, the only use of these phone numbers is the sending of the SMS confirming your top-ups (and the credit, of course).

You can choose to store or not your credit card information in your account to ease future transactions. Only you can access this information when you are connected on your account.